When you think hacker, you usually think internet. While that is usually correct, a Round Rock, Texas couple learned first hand that not even the U.S. Postal Service is safe from high tech hacking.

According to KXAN, a hacker from Houston used the United States Postal Service to infiltrate a Round Rock couple’s bank account and steal their personal information.

Vicki Tran knew something was up when she didn’t get any mail for several days. When  she contacted her local U.S. Post Office, she found that someone had re-directed the mail to Houston so that they could have time to apply for high fee credit and debit cards in her and her husband’s name.

The Postal Inspector says  a “move validation letter,” is sent to the home of a person requesting a change in their mailing address, but Tran it took a week for her to receive it and by then, the hacker had already begun digging into their personal banking information.

Officials with the USPS say the easiest way to combat mail fraud is to check your mail regularly. If you notice issues, report them.

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