An unofficial contest was put on by "The Women on 20s" campaign to find a woman to place on the $20 bill. The woman who helped slaves escape was announced the winner with 118,328 votes.

Harriet Tubman beat former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who had a total of 111,227 votes. More than 600,000 votes were cast during the 10 week period.

Harriet Tubman showing up on the $20 bill has a symbolic meaning, too. $20 is the same amount that she eventually got from the government as her monthly pension for her service as a nurse, scout and cook during the Civil War, as well as her status as a widow of a veteran.

A petition has been sent to President Obama requesting that the U.S. Treasury take Andrew Jackson off the $20 bill and replace it with Harriet Tubman.

Others who were in the poll include Rosa Parks, Wilma Mankiller, Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Clara Barton and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.


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