The reason I go to Austin

(as a tourist/new Texan/ dude who wants to party and bullsh**)

is to bar hop on Sixth Street.

I have done it like 5-6 times since I've been here.

(I've probably seen YOU at the bar) 


Uh huh...I look familiar, don't I?


Ok Moving on...


But quite a few people are curious about why certain bars close on a weekend


when there is a large number of African Americans in town, for the Texas Relays.  


Some bars claim they gave their employees the weekend off because of the


hectic SXSW week.  


One club claimed it had a scheduled remodeling and flooring modification done that weekend,  and employees were notified weeks prior to, that they would be off.  


But it was cancelled a few days before Texas Relays and it wouldn't be right to


tell their employees to cancel their plans.  


Bars stand to make lot$$ of money that weekend, some ask, why close?


THAT  particular weekend?  


By all means,


You have the right to be open when you want to be open but THAT


weekend?     Hmmmmm....       What do you think?

Ralph Notaro