Hey did you hear!? Christmas is like, two weeks away! Hopefully you've already purchased the hottest toy in Central Texas and checked out the Christmas lights our region has to offer. If not, there's still time to get to them. But this article is a little different than your typical Christmas read.

Cambridge Analytica conducted statistical studies in order to uncover certain habits each state in America has during Christmas time.

They looked at how likely singles are to find holiday romance, people's holiday travelling habits, the biggest spenders during the holidays and of course, the likelihood of a baby being born, plus more.

So let's find out how weird Texas is during the holidays:


"Mistletoe Mischief" - HIGH

FOX Photos acquired from Getty Images
FOX Photos acquired from Getty Images

Texas is ranked the 14th most extraverted state with 8.7% of Texas residents scoring very high in being out there, all of the time. Combine that with with the fact that 26.8% of Texas residents are single and ready to mingle and we have a prediction that Texas has an abundance of potential mistletoe mischief to be had.


"Big Spenders" - MEDIUM


Texas is ranked the 28th highest paid state in the country, which means there's more opportunity for Christmas shopping - 23.4% of people in the lone star state earn six figure plus paychecks.


"Christmas Miracles" (newborns) - HIGH

Unpopular Santa
Keystone, Getty Images

Texas ranks number one as the most likely to have a birth in December. According to the data Cambridge Analytica collected, it's predicted there are 32 more births in December than the average of every other month.

The most likely baby names you will expect to see are Noah for a boy and Emma for a girl.


"Super Parents" - MEDIUM

why doesnt eggnog make us sick
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Parents in our state are 30th most likely to cook holiday meals from scratch. The study is quoted: "Texas parents are great at striking the balance between action and relaxin'. here's to some well-earned eggnog after a day of Christmas cooking."

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