Young Thug isn't afraid to speak his mind at any point, but it might have gotten him in some serious hot water this time. The Jeffery rapper was recently inside of an airport, where he found himself missing his flight after arriving 45 minutes after the cut-off, which he blamed on the staff of the airline. Not only did he cause somewhat of a scene, berating the staff, but he even made sure to record the whole ordeal.

The Atlanta native can be seen in the footage, speaking foul to the airline staff, calling them all "peasants" and "inks." He even makes a comment about one of the female representatives hair, deeming it "nappy," and asks the camera man to zoom in on her hair while she has her face turned away. A few moments later, Thug can be seen offering up $15,000 in cash to the employees in order for them to quit their jobs. Since the video surfaced, social media has been debating whether they would have taken the money or not in the same situation.

Since he missed his flight, Thugger was forced to postpone his show in Seattle, and told fans that he would be pushing it back to December 12. Despite missing his original flight, he was finally placed on a partner flight to make it to the city anyway. Watch Young Thug face off with airline employees above.


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