Heartbreaking news from Houston, where a mother is pleading for the safe return of the ashes of her deceased son.

KTRK-TV reports that thieves broke into Siobahn Gracely's home Saturday. They took several items, but the one Gracely is most concerned with is a white box with a teddy bear on top. Inside is a bag containing the ashes of her infant son.

"Hopefully, hopefully someone will see it," Gracely told KTRK. "You do hear stories of these ashes found and returned."

Gracely told KPRC the ashes are those of 3-month-old Julian, who passed away in 2016. He is survived by a twin sister. She says the thieves likely thought the box contained jewelry, as it was placed next to watches which were stolen in the burglary. She hopes the thieves will realize the mistake and turn the ashes in somewhere rather than throw them away.

"I know my son is in heaven," Gracely said. "But his ashes belong to us. And we want those ashes back."

On a personal note, I cannot even imagine the devastation of having lost a child. Let's all hope the burglars have at least some shred of decency and honor and do the right thing.

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