Video from a Drake concert in Houston went viral this week, but it wasn't the artist's performance that was getting attention. What's gotten people talking is footage of a uniformed Houston police officer snapping photos of a woman's derrière with his phone.

The footage was captured by Twitter user @HeyChalice Tuesday night at the Toyota Center. In the video, an officer with clearly visible sleeve insignia indicating he's a sergeant is seen snapping a picture a woman, which @HeyChalice believe he sent to other people.


@HeyChalice later tweeted to say she'd met the woman in a restroom and told her what happened. The woman reportedly laughed and asked to have the videos forwarded to her.

However, Houston police aren't laughing. Messages posted by the Houston Police Twitter account were critical of the officer's behavior, saying it was "not consistent with expectations we have for our personnel", and that they are investigating the matter.


Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo told KPRC-TV that officers working security at events are paid to keep the peace and ensure safety, not snap photos of posteriors.

"Obviously that is not the conduct we are looking for, and whether he is being paid by the tax payer or the venue that is not what he is there for,” Acevedo said.

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