Apparently, these folks must have climbed out from under a rock and missed the WIDELY REPORTED story that Popeyes was SOLD OUT of their now infamous chicken sandwich. This madness has got to stop people.

According to KTRK in Houston, 5 adults, two women and three men, pulled up to the drive thru of a Houston area Popeyes with A BABY in the car to order the sandwiches when they were told they were sold out. This "triggered" the customers who LEFT THE BABY in the car and tried to force their way inside the store. One of the men according to the report was brandishing a gun.

Luckily, one of the Popeyes employees was able to lock them out and no injuries were reported.

 Police said the man with the gun is being described as having small dreadlocks, tattoos on his face and was seen wearing a black shirt with red sleeves.The group left in a blue SUV. - via KTRK

In my honest opinion, I hope security cameras are able to identify these people and police apprehend them BEFORE Popeyes brings back the sandwich to their menu PERMANENTLY. They can spend some time IN JAIL thinking about how STUPID surrendering their freedom for a sandwich is.

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