Parents and students are looking for answers after things got out of hand at a Texas high school during baseball practice.

I don't blame them. There seem to be a lot of questions and not very many answers in this bizarre case.

Coach Assaulted by Students

An assistant baseball coach was chased and beaten by a group of students who broke his arm in an attack last week.

According to our news partners at KWTX, Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District officials say the attackers are four students from Aragon Middle School.

What Started The Attack?

Students at the high school say the victim told a group of middle school students they couldn’t ride dirt bikes on campus.

The students then started to chase the coach across campus.

KRIV reports that a student shared his disturbing cellphone video taken outside Langham Creek High School.

In this shocking video, you can see a group of students running after the coach. The students are then seen punching the coach as he falls down.

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Threats at High School

The principal of Langham Creek High School sent a letter home to parents identifying the suspects as 'several Aragon Middle School students'.

A threat made through social media also resulted in extra security and increased safety measures on campus Friday.

Our team is also aware of social media posts today with threats to our campus. The CFPD police department is investigating, and we have implemented additional security measures. Remind your students that any information regarding school safety should be shared with administrators immediately. We continue to work diligently to maintain a safe school environment for every student and staff member.


- Principal Jose Martinez

The Cy-Fair ISD police department says the investigation is ongoing, and the juveniles who attacked the coach were taken into custody.


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