It's a terrible time to have a picky eater in the family, especially if that picky eater is your pet.

Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain issues are to blame for the latest shortages to hit stores across the country, and yes, we are seeing the problem here in Texas. Pet food seems to be in short supply.

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We may be seeing a slowing in virus cases across the country, but the pandemic rages on with "supply chain issues" still being blamed for the lack of all kinds of different products.

Inflation Continues

If you've been to the local grocery store lately, you may have noticed a short supply of various foods. Just last week we could hardly find any chicken on the shelves, and what we did find came with a high price tag.

Between supply chain issues and inflation, feeding our pets has become costly. According to the Wall Street Journal, the pandemic led to more pet adoptions across the country, which in return lead to pet owners buying more pet food. Sales of pet food jumped 6.9% in 2021.

Winter Storm Landon

Mother nature didn't help either. With the massive winter storm rolling through much of the U.S. including Texas, people raided the grocery stores. "Panic buying" once again wiped out store shelves of everyday supplies as people were stocking up and preparing for the worst.

H-E-B Working to Keep Up

It takes a toll as stores work to re-stock the supply. H-E-B tells KRIS TV in Corpus Christi, "Our H-E-B Partners, including our procurement teams and store teams, are working hard to provide our customers the items they need and ensure the best shopping experience."

Hopefully an end is in sight, but until then we're all in this together, including our pets.

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