Waco, Texas has definitely gone through its rough patches over the years, and has always managed to grow through these obstacles and turn them into learning experiences to become a well established small city in Central Texas. Recently, some of those challenges that Waco has been forced to grow through has been the closing of several employers that many residents depend on for their family's livelihood, and patrons will certainly miss.

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One of those businesses that literally vanished overnight is the Applebee's on North Valley Mills Drive in Waco. Sadly, this will not be the only Applebee's that will be closing soon.

In fact, it looks like another 34 or so of the neighborhood bar and grills will be shuttered by the end of 2024.

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Waco, Texas Applebee's Now Closed Overnight; More On The Way

The news of the restaurant closing was shocking to not just the employees who were given almost zero notice, but also to the faithful regulars who arrived today in the parking lot after 11 AM, and found out their favorite eatery was locked up permanently overnight. No going out of business signs, no one final after work happy hour, just doors shut and the lights off.

There does appear to be some good news brewing for the former staff as this KCEN article says other local eateries are inviting the suddenly displaced team to interview for open positions. Looks like you may find yourself spending your money at a new place to eat, and find your favorite server is there too.

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