There are a few things that culturally cannot be tolerated in Texas like dried out bar-b-que, drivers that camp out in the left lane, and rudeness; which is especially high on my personal list. However, when it becomes known that nature's meat candy is being poorly represented, defending bacon should supersede all other offenses within the Lone Star State.

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Yes, I know we are the beef state, and Iowa is the pork state, but an abuse to any type of meat should be quickly defended by all Texans and Americans alike. Football was not created here, but we sure make you question whether or not apple pie should be paired with it instead of baseball.

If your family is anything like mine, you enjoy getting together on the weekends and gathering around the dinner table. Brunch is an after church staple in our house, and nobody has time to serve bad bacon.

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Worst Bacon In Texas Now Sold In Almost 600 Locations

I can honestly say, I do not believe I have ever had the worst bacon in America because our family only purchases the thick cut stuff. Although, having bad bacon is like getting free concert tickets, even if it wasn't the greatest experience, you still had bacon.

According to this 24/7 Wall St. article, the worst bacon in America is sold in nearly 600 Walmart stores across the state, and is indeed their own Great Value brand.

The choice is yours, but there's zero chance I'd ever turn down bacon of any kind. Well, as long as it's pork bacon.

Weird Food Combos Texans Swear By

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