This video is incredibly hard to watch...but if you can listen to Antonio Basco explain his situation in El Paso, you might see that his request could shine a light of hope on some very sad and lonely Texans who are morning the loss of their loved ones after the El Paso Walmart Massacre.

Here in Central Texas, we won't let a Veteran get laid to rest unattended. In a way, Antonio Basco is asking El Paso residents and his fellow Texans not to let his wife get laid to rest unattended. It's very easy to mourn the victims when the tragedy is fresh and when it is on tv...but now is the hardest time for some of these victims and their families. Now is the time they must face the burial of their husbands, wives, and friends. All without tv cameras and reporters and social media. Imagine how helpful it would be if we could all stand in support at all the memorial services for all 22 victims. In a way, that is simply what Antonio Basco would like.

Photo from Video Embed KFox14 Story By Marisa Saenz
Photo from Video Embed KFox14 Story By Marisa Saenz

His wife was Margie Reckard. She passed away at the age of 63 during the mass shooting on August 3rd. As you can see in the video, Antonio says they have no family in El Paso to stand in support of Margie when she is laid to rest. Wouldn't it be amazing if the families of the other victims all showed up to stand with Antonio? These people may have all been strangers two weeks ago, but now all their families share a link after this tragedy. One that could form some pretty long-lasting bonds of support.

I hope that the El Paso community supports Antonio's call for people to come and help him lay his wife to rest. His heart is broken, and I'm sure it seems like this task will be impossible to do alone. I think we have all felt that way at times when we lose a loved one. What a time this could be for the victims. To all come together as a new family of sorts. A family of support in the aftermath of such a sad event. Sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of hope.

Antonio is asking for a little hope, and we do pray his request is well received.

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