I've always said that one day I'd like to compete in a Triathlon, that one day will not be this Sunday in Waco.

Too Intense for This Guy

I did say that one day I'd like to compete in an event like this, but I am nowhere near as ready as I need to be to go up against the 850 participants that organizers are expecting at this Sunday's TriWaco event.

What's Up in Waco?

The TriWaco triathlon will start in Waco's Indian Spring Park and combines running, swimming, and biking, and will utilize both Cameron Park and the Brazos River.

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Frank Cortese, USAT Race Director tells KWTX that they are beyond excited to get this triathlon back on after a year off due to the pandemic, “Oh my gosh, I don’t even know the right adjective for it. It is surreal to be back doing it.”

Ricky Vasquez, with the greater Waco Chamber, adds, “It is absolutely exciting. The community is really excited to get back to in-person events.”

Don't Be Late

The races start Sunday morning at 6:30am, so you'll definitely want to make it an early Saturday night if you plan to attend or even join in with the other athletes. Details on registration can be found HERE.

Check Out the Video

You'll Have Options

The race features both the Olympic race, which is a 1500-meter open water swim in the Brazos River, then a 25-mile bike ride followed by a 10-kilometer run along the Brazos.

Not ready for that kind of competition? Me either, but there is a the Sprint race which is a 400-meter swim, a 12-mile bike ride and a 3.5 mile run to finish the race.

Something tells me I'm not ready for that kina race either. Not this year, anyway.

Spectators are always welcome, so if you have some time on Sunday, head to Waco for the TriWaco and watch the spectacle.

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