Earlier this month there were three consecutive bloody days that led to the first three murders in Waco, Texas for 2024. The Waco Police Department has found their self in the exact same scenario as the first murder of the year with zero suspects and a killer on the loose while armed and dangerous.

READ MORE: Waco's Second Murderer Of 2024 Is At Large

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The circumstances of the second murder in Waco in 2024 are a little bit more dire as not only was a 39 year old man, Winfred Talley Jr., killed, but two additional teenage girls suffered gunshot wounds, and had to be rushed to the hospital. Thankfully, the girls are expected to pull through, but living with the knowledge that three people were shot on the streets following a large fight and nobody is talking is a very scary prospect for the residents of Waco.

Murderer At Large Has Waco, Texas Police Seeking New Leads

Three straight days of murder in Waco was more than enough for the Chief of Police Dr. Sheryl Victorian to issue a very stern warning that this reckless criminal activity will not be tolerated, and that order will be upheld. Additionally a reward has been offered for information leading to an arrest in the shooting death of Talley Jr.

Tips can be called directly into the Waco Police Department at 254-750-7500, and you can always report anonymously through the Waco Crime Stoppers website or app, and by calling 254-753-4357.

It takes help from everyone to truly build a safe community that can be free from crime. Read more in this KCEN article.

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