Houston, Texas has been home to the oldest Texan since the Covid-19 pandemic, and now Elizabeth Francis is the oldest in the United States too. Francis was born in Louisiana, but has been a resident of the Houston area for almost 100 years.

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Think you can guess Francis's age?

A brief timeline of Francis's life includes being born about 4 months after the 27th President of the United States William Howard Taft began his term. We're now up to our 46th president, and that makes President Joe Biden the 20th to serve with Francis as a constituent.

Francis was around before Black Tuesday, both World Wars, and women's suffrage. When Francis reached retirement age, it was still 65, and on her next birthday, she will have officially been retirement age for 50 years.

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This Texas Woman Now Is The Oldest Living American

Born July 25, 1909, Francis is not an anomaly in her family as she had a sister live to 106, and her own father passed at 99. She still lives at home with her 94 year old daughter Dorothy Williams, her only child, and both women are cared for by Williams's daughter Ethel Harrison who is 68.

Talk about a Golden Girls home. According to this USA Today article, Francis does struggle a bit with memory these days, but still recognizes and enjoys family.

Harrison says her grandmother remained very active into her 90's and never smoked. She is the oldest person living in America, and the oldest person on Earth is an American born woman now living in Spain named Maria Morera who is 117.

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