Count me in among those pushing for a raise to the minimum wage here in Texas.

Let me start by saying that I know most places here in Texas pay a better wage than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour: a wage that's been in place since 2009. So maybe it's time to get the minimum wage boosted here in Texas so we don't have to have this conversation in the near future.

According to an article from KWTX, 20 states are raising their minimum wage rates. I would also bet that finding a business in any state still paying $7.25 an hour would be hard to do. So why doesn't our government just raise the federal wage? Apparently, our government isn't capable of doing much of anything that benefits the people.

The cost of living in some states have increased beyond what even a $10 an hour wage could afford you. That's why in states like New York and California, minimum wage was increased to $12.50 (NY) and $14 per hour for businesses with 26 or more employees in California. Not sure what Minnesota is thinking only raising the minimum wage by eight cents to $10.08 per hour but that's still better than here in Texas.

2020 has been a tough year for small businesses across the country, and some lawmakers are asking to delay the raises 'til businesses can get past the struggles the pandemic have caused. That's understandable, but eventually Texas will have to address its minimum wage and try to get it up to something more livable.

Let's not be the last state to do so. What is a livable wage in Texas? $10 an should suffice. Let's make it happen.

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