Watch How This Texas Man Masterfully Ends an Altercation Using Unique Techniques.

The video at the bottom of this article takes place out front of a CVS-type store in Houston, Texas.

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A couple of rascals are having words, which leads to a fight. Well, it's kind of a fight. Let's break it down!

Thrown to the Ground

The action opens with a guy in a black shirt ragdoll throwing a guy in a white shirt across the parking lot. White Shirt recovers back to his feet, just in time to dodge a kick from Black Shirt.



He Slips the Punch

After dodging the kick, White Shirt throws a punch downward, which Black Shirt first dodges...  



A Cartwheel For the Win

... and then cartwheels out of harm's way. It's really a site to behold!


After that, the fight sizzles out, and both combatants agree it's over.  

Check out the video below:

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