Prior to 2024 and up until just a few weeks ago, you could say, "An In-N-Out Burger has never gone out of business in Texas or anywhere else in their over 75 years of existence," until now. That's right, absolutely zero In-N-Out Burger locations have ever gone out of business until March 24th.

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Of course, the Texas part is still true for now because all 39 locations at last report are going strong with plans to open many more across the nation which will include crossing over the Mighty Mississippi River for the very first time. However, we still live in "Unprecedented times," so what could the future hold for this iconic franchise?

Sometimes businesses will close underperforming locations even when they are expanding their total imprint, but an In-N-Out Burger location has simply never underperformed, and even this now closed store was not underperforming.

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That's right, the store was still making money, but the company no longer felt it was worth risking the safety of their employees and customers just to pad the In-N-Out bottom line. The whole area of Oakland, California where the store was located has had the largest crime surge in the city of the past 5 years.

Over 400 restaurant locations currently exist in the United States since opening the first in 1948, and in those 75+ years only one store thus far has ever closed. That is some kind of impressive.

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