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Last year Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas debuted a brand new water coaster, AQUAMAN: Power Wave, that thrilled and cooled down thousands of park visitors on a hot North Texas summer day.

New additions are coming to the park for the 2024 season.

It seems like every year Six Flags Over Texas announces something new to the parks line-up or special events calendar.

Right now Six Flags Over Texas is preparing for their annual Spring Break event along with the return of Screambreak. Screambreak will feature haunted houses, scare zone and more.

Shortly after those events wrap up, Six Flags Over Texas will be debuting several new rides and attraction updates, aimed mainly at younger visitors, since AQUAMAN: Power Wave debuted for the more adventerous last year.


  • Sylvester and Tweety Pounce and Bounce

This kid-friendly ride is a family drop tower that lifts riders 41 feet in the air before beginning a sequence of downward pounces and upward bounces.

  • Daffy Duck Bucket Blasters

This is not a new ride at Six Flags Over Texas, but is being reintroduced after being removed in 2021 while AQUAMAN: Power Wave was being constructed. This is a spinning ride that features water blasters on its bucket-shaped guest compartments so riders can spray each other while the ride is in motion.

  • Dino Off Road Adventure

The Chaparral Antique Cars Are Getting A Makeover

A Six Flags Over Texas classic ride will receive new theming, cars, and a new name - Dino Off Road Adventure. The second-oldest attraction in the park's history and will now take you back in time to pre-historic days as 13 dinosaur animatronics will entertain and scare passengers in the cars along the ride’s route.

  • Additional park enhancements

Six Flags Over Texas is investing in new theming elements for the queue lines of BATMAN: The Ride along with MR. FREEZE.

The Boomtown Bar will now be housed in a permanent structure in the Boomtown area.

Six Flags Over Texas is currently open on weekends and will be open the week of spring break in March. The new kids attractions are anticipated to open Memorial Day weekend and the rethemed Chaparral Cars will be opening sometime this summer.

Newest Coaster At Six Flags Over Texas, AQUAMAN: Power Wave

Six Flags Over Texas will open their 14th roller coaster March 11, 2023. This will be a launch-style first-of-its-kind water coaster

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These rides once stood proud and brought joy and terror, in some cases, to those who rode them at Six Flags Over Texas. These rides no longer exist at Six Flags Over Texas. Yes, The New Texas Giant is there, but The Texas Giant went through a complete remodel and redesign and received an upgraded steel track and has a new configuration, and is no longer like the OG, The Texas Giant.

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KID FLASH Cosmic Coaster At Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Opening Summer 2023 will be a first-of-its-kind single rail family racing coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. This roller coaster is geared towards younger guests that are at least 36' tall.

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