Just last week reports were being discussed about the change in drilling procedures happening at Fort Cavazos as many of us were hearing loud booms at all hours of the night and day in the Killeen-Temple, Texas area. Naturally with the recent Hamas attacks in Israel and the Israeli response in Gaza, it does not take long for many in a military community to begin to question whether or not local soldiers would soon be sent to assist the ally of the United States.

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The Pentagon had already released information that they had notified 2,000 soldiers to prepare for movement, and now we can confirm 900 soldiers including Fort Cavazos personnel will be among those moving from prepare to deploy status and getting transported to the US Central Command area of the operation.

When can we expect to see Boeing C-17s landing and taking off from Fort Cavazos?


Well, there is no guarantee in knowing the full scope of equipment that is being used and obviously no confirmed location of deployment has been disclosed, we do know Fort Cavazos soldiers will be joining others stationed at Fort Bliss, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and Fort Liberty, North Carolina. It is also been released that the units will be primarily to support air defense operations.

Most here are from multi-generational military families, but this news never gets easier, and we always hope and pray for the best. Read more in this KCEN News article.


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