Some individuals in Central Texas are still searching for answers in the new year. Recently, KXXV has put a spotlight on the Popeye's located on West Adams Street. The business is currently under scrutiny for it's handling of paying employees.

One employee even took to social media to proclaim the restaurant doesn't play its employees. Now, KXXV has obtained more information about the Popeye's in question, and received a comment from the now former employee who made the post to social media.

Updated Information From KXXV

The updated information from the news organization is another employee stepping forward with their story. Erica Muston, the employee KXXV talked to, stated that she has been waiting for her money since December 20th of 2022. According to her, she's multiple items requiring money, such as holidays, birthdays and rent.

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According to Muston, one issue always seems to make itself known when her and other employees attempt to obtain the wages. At the time or writing, Muston stated that she is owed nearly $1000 in unpaid salary.

But as it stands currently, according to her, no one from upper management is helping her find the money. This led to her posting on social media staying the restaurant in question doesn't pay employees. Muston was recently let go from the restaurant, where claims of her stealing from the restaurant led to her firing.

Muston alleges however that her post on social media is the cause for her being let go. We will have more information on this story as it becomes available.

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