Austin, Texas is not necessarily the place to find a drunk Karen jumping down the throat of an innocent mom, but when some people get overserved, a Texas sized Karen can start to crawl out of anyone.

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Apparently the crime that required this particular Karen to stick her nose into the business of others, and shove her opinion down the throats of countless innocent bystanders was a new mom having her baby in an establishment that is clearly as much restaurant as it is bar.

Oh, the audacity!

VIDEO: Drunk Texas Karen Gets Extra With New Mom

If you look carefully at the background within the full video you will see that there are several families there with children, so it's not like being out "In Da Club" in the early 2000s.

My best guess is someone here is not an experienced day drinker, and definitely was already overserved by the time they realized they were not at a kid free resort that features little umbrellas in the cocktail glasses.

It is blatantly obvious that this woman drank her way through one of these.


The argument could probably be made the baby was also due for a nap, but my vote is the Karen needed it more.

Could you imagine taking your family to an after church brunch, and someone who's had a couple too many mimosas decided to confront you for having your child with you?

Should children be off limits at all places that sell alcohol?


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