In Texas we already know there are 100 plus different critters outside that can get you if you let your guard down, but it's the ones that thrive inside your home that really gets in your craw. Bed bugs as a parasite, are just about the worst thing on the planet because unlike ticks or mosquitos that are found outside, once bed bugs get inside your home is when they really thrive.

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Bed bugs are such an irritating houseguest they actually make you wish your in-laws could visit an extra month. The biggest challenge to bud bugs is they are champions at hide and go seek, so they can hold up in your home for months and then suddenly get you out of seemingly nowhere.

What makes bed bugs such a big problem in Texas?


Since they live inside, the changing weather environment throughout the year can't serve as an ally to kill them. Also, with an ability to wait for months between meals, and females dropping eggs every day, a massive infestation can be hiding everywhere you don't think to look.

What Texas cities are the worst for bed bugs?

It probably will not come as a surprise that Orkin has to treat Dallas/Ft. Worth and Houston the most. Their study shows the two cities ranks vs the whole United States.

Chicago is annually the far worst city, but bed bugs like to hitch a free ride on clothing from one tourist city to another. If you fear coming in contact with bed bugs, the first thing you should do is throw all at risk clothes into the dryer on high heat for one cycle, and call the exterminators.

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