My own family is excited to welcome guests to Central Texas as much of the Killeen-Temple, Texas area will be enjoying some of the lengthiest totality times in the whole world for the upcoming April 8th eclipse.

The excitement continues to build as we are getting pretty close to experiencing the total solar eclipse that is going to pass over almost the entire state of Texas. The moon will travel in a direct path with the sun for more than 4 minutes through the heart of the Lone Star State.

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As the eclipse draws near, the state of Texas is expecting at least a million plus out of state visitors as about 12 million residents live on the direct path of totality. So, even if you do not live on the path of totality, there is a very good chance you have an in-law or outlaw acquaintance that does.

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Inviting Texas Towns That Will Now Enjoy Greatest Eclipse Totality

One thing that I hope doesn't end after about 4 minutes and change is all of the excitement to visit the many destinations of Texas. Personally can often fail to see the trees in this enormous forest where we live.

Even if you only use this article for future traveling about, really hope you take the time to enjoy the many diverse landscapes and communities the eclipse path of totality will follow. Please do not let the excitement of the cosmic eclipse the genuineness of towns and their residents.

Inviting TX Towns That Will Now Enjoy Greatest Eclipse Totality

Gallery Credit: Noah/Canva

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