Just as schools have begun resuming all over Texas and the United States, we're learning about a brand new mutating variant of Covid that appears to have quickly popped up on 3 different continents as the next strain the whole world should be taking notice. Jokingly the other day with my wife, I asked what the over/under would be on one of us taking a sick day because one of the kids has already brought something home from their classroom or school.

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You might remember that one of the first major spreading variants of Covid came from a mutation found right here in the Lone Star State. Now, as summer is winding down for much of the country, and people will begin spending even more time indoors, it is the perfect time to remind yourself of the importance of hand washing, sanitizing, and good personal hygiene.

Why is this new mutating Covid so worrisome?

The protein changes this new strain is showing is at a level that could make it particularly difficult for the various shots on the market and being developed to be able to combat. The protein traits are what make variants of Covid more capable of dodging the body's natural antibodies that are created from previous infection, or immune to the current or earlier versions of the various vaccines.

As always, the most important thing is to stay prepared for the unknown by maintaining a healthy diet, exercise routine, getting the necessary amount of rest, and keeping clean.

Learn more in this HealthDay article.

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