Finding that Instagrammable spot when you head to other cities out of El Paso can sometimes be a challenge. Finding an instagrammable spot here in El Paso, however, isn’t that difficult if you’ve lived here long enough because you’re probably familiar with all the good spots to stop by to grab a great selfie for the gram.

Well, a new survey has revealed that El Paso is on the list of the most Instagrammable areas in Texas.

How Did They Come Up With This Data?

The survey was a result of research done by in which they analyzed Instagram hashtag data for every metropolitan area in Texas. Areas that had the most hashtags were revealed to be the most Instagrammable.

“Texas is known around the world for its stunning natural landscape as well as bustling cities that offer tourists and locals alike picturesque views all year round. This study offers an interesting insight into the locations across Texas that are more popular on social media,” said a spokesperson for


Who Else Is On The List?

1: Coming in at number one was Houston with over 36 million hashtags on Instagram.

2: The second most Instagrammable/photogenic metropolitan area in Texas is Dallas, according to this survey. Dallas has just over 27 million total posts under all hashtags related to the area.

3: Good ole’ Austin, Texas comes in at number 3 with over 21 million posts under Austin hashtags to date.

4: Just about an hour away from Austin is the number 4 most Instagrammable city in Texas, San Antonio.

San Antonio has a total of 17,210,000 posts on Instagram to date. This is no surprise to me because San Antonio's River Walk is honestly the best place for a photo op!

5: Coming in at number 5 is none other than the sun city, El Paso! 

El Paso has 4,404,000 posts under various El Paso hashtags. In particular, the hashtag ‘ElPasoRealEstate’ has garnered 51,000 posts. 

Although I think El Paso should be a lot higher on the list, I’m still happy my hometown made the top 5!

Downtowns San Jacinto Plaza is always a top spot for photographers and locals to snap the best photo, especially during the holidays when San Jacinto is lit up with Christmas lights.

And then you have numerous amounts of murals across El Paso that serve as the best backdrop for a good selfie!

Our beautiful Franklin mountains also make for a great photo op! Whether you’re hiking or just driving by the mountains, the view is always a sight for sore eyes.

Then there are historic buildings or landmarks across our city that make me proud to call El Paso home.

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