Drake slimed a fan using a big bucket on It's All a Blur Tour - Big as the What?

Drake Slimes Fan on His It's All a Blur Tour - Big as the What?

It's getting real messy on Drake's It's All a Blur Tour - Big as the What? On Friday (Feb. 16), a video surfaced on social media featuring a fan sitting in a chair as Drizzy activated a button that released a bucket of slime to pour directly onto the fan's head.

"Rich, I'm sorry my brother, I'll love ya. I'll get back at you at another time. I'm sorry brother," Drake said before the fan got doused with a huge vat of green slime.

It appears the slimefest took place at his Nashville stop on Feb. 8.

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What's Up With Drake's Dinosaur Spine-Looking Vest?

There haven't been too many surprises on Drake's Big As the What? trek. However, people were questioning his fashion choices. Particularly, many wondered why he was rocking a vest resembling a dinosaur spine on the opening dates of his tour in Tampa, Fla.

During his second performance in Tampa, Drizzy explained the reasoning behind his unique dinosaur spine-looking vest.

"Everybody had jokes yesterday, asking why I wore the spine out here," Drake told the crowd during a break in his set, in the video below. "I wore the spine because most of these guys that I look in the eyes are spineless as f**k so I had to wear the whole backbone. Plus, we made that sh** out of the skeletons you got in your closet so be careful who you talking to."

That's good to know. In other news, Lil Durk has joined Drake and J. Cole's trek.

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See Drake dump a bucket of slime on a fan below.

See Drake Slime a Fan Using a Big Bucket During His Concert

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