We already know Texas is ground zero for the bar-b-que trail and the best brisket starts and stops in the Lone Star State, but would you believe that the best pizza in America is also found here according to a new list at Gayot?

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Why is a Houston, Texas pizza joint the best place to find a pie in the United States?

Perhaps the biggest factor people look for after the overall taste satisfaction of not just pizza, but any food, is the quality of the ingredients that go into the product. That is why when you find an eatery that specializes in pizza, many are attracted when the sourcing of those products like real buffalo mozzarella and flour that comes direct from Italy.

What is the name of the Houston, Texas restaurant that has America's best pizza?

It is called Bollo Woodfired Pizza, and it is located on West Alabama in the Greenway/Upper Kirby Neighborhood in Houston. They not only have the best pizza in the country, but they also host two happy hours every weekday, how does it get any more American than amazing pizza and incredible drink specials?

Bollo has far more than just the predictable pizza options too, with selections like,

"Gulf shrimp sautéed in garlic and olive oil and the lobster ravioli in creamy truffle butter. Bollo offers gluten-free pizza, kid-friendly selections, cocktails and a limited wine list."

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