Was Jay Z faking the funk on Instagram? On Friday (June 2), people started dragging Hov for what appeared to be staging a photo for IG with comedian Kevin Hart.

It happened at Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday night (June 1). The two superstars were having a moment on the sidelines when Jay told the photographer to take a picture as he resumed laughing and hand-shaking with Hart. The moment came off pretentious to fans.

Several people slandered Jay Z for the perceived orchestrated move. "You know you that n---- when you tell the most famous comedian in the world Pretend to laugh for this pic,' wrote one user.

Well, at least Jay Z knows his angles.

Apparently, the photo was in fact spontaneous, according to Hart. In his Instagram post above, the funnyman explained what actually happened on the sidelines.

"When your in the middle of a funny conversation & the cameraman wants the fun to stop for a photo and you refuse & immediately go back to having fun. Hov said just take it while we laughing....it came out dope as hell!!!"

Yep, it sure did. So there you go. Hov doesn't fake it for no one. Ain't that right Shad Moss? We are just saying.

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