Hours after clips of Kevin Hart's conversation with Lil Nas X went viral, the entire new episode of The Shop: Uninterrupted aired on HBO. In the entire clip, you can hear more of what Hart has to say, which led some people to say the internet was too quick to judge his comments.

In the clip, which happens at a later point in the episode, Hart offers Nas X advice on how to deal with letting the world know about his sexuality.

“What I want to say to Lil Nas X in no way shape or form should you ever have to defend, ‘but guys this is what I am,'” Hart explained. “That’s not it. ‘It’s guys this is what I’m going to do. My reason for doing this is because I know I do this well.’ When you have a voice and you simply say this there is no back and forth about what this is.”

Watch the clip for yourself below.


Kevin Hart is once again being accused of homophobia after his awkward conversation with Lil Nas X.

The moment began to unfold on Tuesday night (Sept. 3), after the "Old Town Road" artist appeared as a special guest on HBO Sports' The Shop: Uninterrupted alongside a star-studded group of folk Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love, Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski, Hart and more. During the episode, which will air in its entirety on Thursday night, Lil Nas X talks about coming out as a gay man and Hart's response to the 20-year-old's remarks drew the ire of many across social media.

Hart and Nas X's controversial interaction happened after The Shop creator Paul Rivera asked Lil Nas X about why he felt it was important to come out at this point in his career. From there, Hart responds incredulously.

"He said he's gay," says Hart, who was involved in a serious car accident that required back surgery earlier this week. "So what?" From there, Lil Nas X puts down the idea that he was forced to come out.

"It's not that it's like being forced," Nas X begins. "It's just like growing up... I'm growing up to hate this shit. I'm not supposed to..."

Before Nas X can respond, Hart interrupts. "Hate what?" he asks Nas X. "Hate what?"

That's when the Georgia rapper delves into some of the homophobia that characterized his upbringing and the way that affected him.

"Homosexuality," Nas X says in response to Hart. "Gay people. Come on now. If you're really from the hood you should know it's not something.... so it's like for me, the cool dude with the song on top of everything, to say this any other time like I'm doing this for attention in my eyes. But if you're doing this while you at the top you know it's like for real and it shows that it doesn't really matter."

After the clip made rounds on Twitter, people on defended the record-breaking artist. Many fans believe Hart's arguably dismissive response to Nas X's comments were disingenuous and underscore the comedian's perceived homophobic ways.

Twitter users were quick to point out the Hart' previous homophobic jokes that got him in so much trouble last year that he was asked to apologize for the comments or lose the chance to host the Oscars. Hart eventually apologized for his past remarks and stepped down from the Oscar host job so he wouldn't be a distraction.

"@KevinHart4real deserves to be cancelled again for this shit. His homophobic ass has learned NOTHING," one Twitter user said.

Check out other tweets that bash the actor, as well as the full teaser clip for the episode, below.

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