Now that Jessica Simpson has confirmed what we already knew, she's free to share endless photos of her burgeoning belly so the paparazzi don't have to. And given Kim Kardashian's own gynecological news, the next few months are gonna be an epic Instagram showdown between the two.

Yay. Awesome. (Blargh.)

Still on vacation in Hawaii along with her massive breasts, Simpson posed for a selfie featuring duck lips and a massive stomach, and then posted the photo on Twitter along with the caption, “Bumpin' and Proud!”

Her last pregnancy seemed to last for years, partially because she showed so early. But man, that is one serious bump she's rockin' already.

Either Simpson is farther along than everyone initially thought, or she's trying to eat as many Twinkies as she can before they go extinct and disappear off her food group pyramid forever -- Weight Watchers be damned.

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