Bumpin' and proud!

While Jessica Simpson may have concealed her second pregnancy for a few weeks, now the singer/actress/fashionista is showing off her baby bump and proudly! In a new photo shared on Twitter, Simpson shows off her bare belly.

In this self-portrait, taken with her bedazzled cell phone while in the bathroom, Simpson is aglow and her belly is expanding quickly. She captioned the photo in a way that conveys her joy: "Bumpin' and proud."

She confirmed her pregnancy with a Christmas Day photo of daughter Maxwell Drew, who is almost 7 months, in her holiday outfit with the words "Big Sis." J. Simps and fiancé Eric Johnson didn't waste any time adding to their family.

Being pregnant agrees with Simpson, and not just because she has spent/will spend the better part of two years with a baby in her belly. She is naturally gorgeous, but this pic, with her hair falling in loose waves, has an earthy, bohemian energy to it. It's like she can shed all the Hollywood pretense and show off what Mother Nature is doing to her figure.

PopCrushers, do you think little Maxwell Drew is going to have a little brother or sister?

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