Ladies are you ready to flaunt them summer bodies?

Yeah me neither!

No worries though because we have the opportunity to not only play catch up but win some things in the process!


This fun filled challenge is all about challenging yourself in ways you never have before. Going beyond your known limits and achieving GREATNESS all while earning that HOT BIKINI BODY!!

So let's talk about how this challenge will work..

There will be 2 fit coaches who will each head their own randomly picked teams. While  working towards the same goals each team will compete to see who transforms the most as a whole! Within the team transformations each coach will pick their top transformations AND there will also be an OVERALL top transformation winner!! So their will be multiple winners (not to mention) the most important win of all which is gaining a fit lifestyle! be as fair as possible there has been 3 hand picked guest judges who will choose the team winner and overall winner!

Judges Include:

1) Enrique: (IG: Suavea254) Certified personal trainer, Youth football coach, Promoter and Entrepreneur.

2)  Alex: (IG: Alexandrasafir) Certified health & fitness coach, Nutritionist, Model  and Entrepreneur.

3) Bosslady: Yessss Me!!! (IG: Bossladyradio) Radio personality for B106.3, Journalist, Event host and Entrepreneur.


summer body

**ALL PRIZES TBA**30 day challenge; June 4 - July 3
$15 sign up cost

Challenge comes with:

• Meal plans
• Workouts
• Accountability

To sign up inbox TIMEKA WHITE
Sign up ends on June 2...NO LATE ENTRY

Let's get it ladies!
summer body 2

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