Juice Wrld's estate is facing a lawsuit from a musician who claims the late rapper and a producer ripped off his track for the song "Scared of Love," featured on Juice's debut album, Goodbye & Good Riddance.

On Thursday (May 27), an artist who goes by the name Ghost Loft filed a lawsuit in United States District Court of California that alleges Juice and producer Mitch Mula sampled his 2013 song, "So High," without permission, according to court documents obtained by XXL.

"Juice Wrld and Mitch Mula admittedly used Plaintiff's work, a 16-bar instrumental hook taken from the opening measure of the sound recording of the work, without the Plaintiff's permission, without which 'Scared of Love' would not exist," the lawsuit reads.

The suit goes on to allege Mula made "written admissions" of sampling "So High." Mula allegedly admitted he “had no intention to rip” the Ghost Loft track. “As far as that record goes everything was done on my end as far as crediting you for the sample etc.,” Mula is quoted as saying in the lawsuit. The producer's manager reportedly admitted Mula thought Interscope Records “had handled the sample clearance, but it turns out that they didn’t.”

Ghost Loft, real name Danny Choi, is suing Juice Wrld's mother, Carmela Wallace, the executor of Juice's estate, as well as Mitch Mula, Interscope Records, Universal Music Group and Grade A Productions. Choi wants a jury trial. He is seeking unspecified damages, writing credit as well as an injunction that would stop Juice's estate from further making money off the track.

Juice Wrld died on Dec. 8, 2019 at Chicago's Midway Airport after suffering a seizure as the result of an accidental drug overdose.

Before Juice's passing, pop-punk band Yellow Card sued the rapper for $15 million, claiming Juice and producer Nick Mira unlawfully sampled their 2006 song, “Holly Wood Died" for Juice's breakout 2017 single, "Lucid Dreams." They dropped the lawsuit six months after Juice's death.

XXL has reached out to Interscope Records for comment on the Ghost Loft lawsuit. Listen to Ghost Loft's "So High" and Juice Wrld's "Scared of Love" below.


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