I know some see the title and wonder, "What is Black Music Month?" Well, I am so happy that you asked because I have 30 days to break it down for you. The simple answer is the month of June is Black Music month and this month is dedicated to celebrate the impact of black music.

The two women pictured above have been very influential when it comes to black music. The beautiful lady in red is Cathy Hughes, she is the TV One/Radio One Chairman and the first and only black woman in 1998 to head a publicly traded company. She also invented what most of us look forward to every night, which is a "Quiet Storm" in 1970 on Howard Universities WHUR.

The lady standing next to her is Dyana Williams, the woman responsible for Black Music Month. Ms. Williams, along with Kenny Gamble and Ed Wright, lobbied President Jimmy Carter on June 7, 1979 to host a reception to acknowledge the contributions of black music. Fast forward to now, and every since then, we have recognized June as Black Music Month.

Terry Wyatt

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