Hercules was hangin' out at the Bell County Comic Con this year.

Kevin Sorbo, star of adventure shows 'Hercules' and 'Andromeda' and family, faith-based films 'What If' and 'God's Not Dead', was a guest of honor at the Con this year. Hundreds of fans were able to get photos with the fan favorite, as well as signed posters.

Personally, it was a surreal moment for me when I met Mr. Sorbo. I have so many great memories of watching his shows with my mom growing up, and there I was shaking the man's hand. He was incredibly polite and took time to talk to every fan who stopped by his table.

At his Q&A panel, Sorbo talked about the experiences he had with legendary actor Anthony Quinn, directors Sam Raimi, and Xena herself, Lucy Lawless. (He has a great story about how Lawless almost didn't play the part, which would have been a real shame.)

Sorbo talked about his work in recent years, including independent projects outside the Hollywood system. He also took questions from fans and commented on the #MeToo movement.

Sorbo directed Christian drama film 'Let There Be Light' in 2017 - the same year he appeared as Lar Gand in several episodes of CW's 'Supergirl'.

Watch that panel in the video above, then check out these other great panels from the 2019 Bell County Comic Con.


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