50 Cent continues to churn out television content and one of his next visual ventures may be in partnership with Kid Cudi.

On Saturday night (Jan. 30), Cudder announced on Twitter that he recently had a conversation with Fif about working on some kind of television show.

"Had a call w 50 Cent last week about cookin up a show together," the Ohio rapper revealed in a tweet. "Big things happening!! Ill keep u posted. 50 is one of my favorite emcees and hes also a really great guy w a good heart."

50 Cent has put his focus on producing television content over the last several years. The move to TV has turned out well for the Queens, N.Y. rap mogul, with shows like Starz's Power and ABC's For Life currently earning critical acclaim. He is currently working on several other projects including the highly anticipated series on the Black Mafia Family.

Cudi, who has a sizeable list of acting credits including Need for Speed, Entourage and Bill & Ted Face the Music, announced in the summer of 2019 he was working on a new animated show for Netflix that would be based on an album he was dropping called Entergalatic.

"Entergalactic will be something you've never experienced," Cudi posted on social media about the project at the time. "I promise it'll be a fun ride. Lot of good friends involved. Great songs too! The cast is coming together. I know a year from now seems like forever but itll be here before u know it!"

Neither the show nor the album has materialized, with Cudi instead putting out his Man on the Moon III: The Chosen album last December, but both projects are presumably still in the works.

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