Has anyone been following this bizarre story out of Stinnett, Texas?

If you are a guy and read this story, you can't do anything but laugh and say to yourself,  "Glad it wasn't me".

If you are a woman, you probably think this guy is the scum of the earth and you are shaking your head in shame at him and the men laughing at this guy.

Page  #367 of the Player's Manual clearly says not to be as messy as this dude.

I had no idea who Jason Collier was until I began seeing memes of him all over social media. It turns out he's a (now) former police chief and minister in Stinnet who was busted after sending fake marriage annulment papers to a woman who thought she was his legitimate fiancé.

It turns out Collier, who's now being investigated by the Texas Rangers, is not only married, but he has been dating and deceiving as many as 8 women.

This is an instance where he should have just kept it in his pants.

The more you dig in to this story, the messier it becomes. Let's start with why Collier is being investigated.

It all started when a woman named Cecily Steinmetz posted images to Facebook Tuesday of herself and Collier, along with what turned out to be a phony marriage annulment document he sent her. Cecily says he sent it after she discovered that Collier was married, and she was later contacted by another woman Collier was reportedly dating at the same time.

Memes about the situation were already showing up on Facebook and Twitter when the Stinnett Police found out their chief was at the center of the drama. He was placed on administrative leave Wednesday after the DA in Hutchinson County asked the Texas Rangers to get involved. They arrested him Thursday, and he's charged with tampering with a government document with the intent to defraud.

It's amazing how fast internet sleuths get to work. When a Jason Collier Netflix Series Facebook group was created soon after the memes started rolling out, it was soon determined that Collier may have been involved with as many as 8 women at one time.

Very sloppy, Jason. Now you're probably the most meme'd dude on the planet right now.




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