If you were driving down Clear Creek in Killeen you may have seen Donnie the blow up sex doll in front of Cut the Crap at the Service Station Barber Shop!

Krystal Corley, owner of Cut the Crap, says she is a "garage girl" and is one of those people who likes to prove people wrong. If you say she can't do it, she'll then do it!

I got a call saying that there was crazy traffic from people wanting to see the doll and that there were complaints, but when I arrived "Donnie the doll" was minding his own business. Corley, says she's offensive, and offensive gets attention!

The unique part about Cut the Crap barber shop is that it is all women barbers! 9 female barbers to be exact, and they are all inked up!

Krystal also informed me that there were 219 barber shops in a 22-mile radius, and she was voted best since she opened!

Go check out "Donnie" LOL and get a great haircut at Cut the Crap at the Service Station barber shop 3905 S. Clear Creek in Killeen!




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