If you’ve been under a rock lately, then I suggest you should get from under it and realize what’s happening in America.

Over the weekend in numerous major U.S. cities, protests occurred from angry people of all races frustrated at the death of George Floyd.

In some cases, those protests turned into riots from people demanding justice.

The riots have resulted in millions of dollars in damages, causing numerous states to activate the U.S. National Guard to assist police in certain cities.

Yesterday, Killeen experienced the perfect example of peaceful protest, but one being honest about the systematic injustices black people face in America.

The event was organized by Reshard Hicks and other community organizers. We heard from our Chief of Police Charles Kimble, Mayor Jose Segarra other politicians, community activists, and victims of Police Brutality.

Toni Ringgold and Levallois Hamilton performed as well.

Most importantly, a voter registration booth was available and people registered to vote on the spot.

Again, as I continue to write on this subject, if you are not black and you see something, it is your duty to say something about racism and police brutality.

No one is listening to US.

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