The crime rate in Killeen has been a well discused topic over the last few months as we bare witness to the rates increasing as the days pass.

According to Chief Young, Killeen ranks high on the list when it comes to crime and she is sure that the trend will continue once we recieve the UCR for 2016, and most likely 2017 as well. (To check out the percentages Click Here)

Alot of residents are beginning to wonder what could help the city make the much needed change of less violence and more love.

Lately, local promoters and business owners have banned together to promotoe "Stop The Violence" rallys and picnics but it that enough?

Acoording to some residents "If Killeen had more activites for the children that were afforadable that will stop some of the violence."

As we hit the second week of July many people wonder what will happen next..but instead of living life in fear and worry let's motivate our community to love, respect and support each other.

I challenege you to be the change you want to see.

Let's get it together Killeen.


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