So you got bars huh?

For months I've watched people go back and forth debating over who's the coldest rapper in ctx, who drops the real heat and who's about that real rap life...

Well, a group of rappers broke the internet Friday when they dropped the first Killeen cypher on Facebook.

Check it out below..

There's no denying that CTX is full of talent so many people are expecting a part 2 with some of our favorite rappers and undiscovered hype.

Sending a huge s/o to all of the rappers involved and the team below for making something positive happen for the city!
Presented by: William White of iRock Music Group
Beat By: Joshua DrummaBeatz Lequerica of Drummer Beatz
Studio production by: Carlos Finklea Sr. of Golden earz
Directed/shot by: Dee Cunninghamall

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