So on the way to work Thursday, on 190 I noticed 7-8 police cars and officers pulling people over from Trimmier to Stan Schlueter and I am not exaggerating.

The first thing that I thought was that someone was on the run, or somebody...hasn't  met quoooottttaaa lol!

Turns out, all the cops were out because of a grant received from the Texas Department of Transportation to assist the department with overtime.


That make sense.....right?

Yesterday, Ofelia MiraMontez, Public Relations from the Killeen Police Department said in a report posted on their website that the traffic detail was created to raise awareness on the law and to inform citizens of their violations.

According to the report, 312 speeding tickets were issued between 8am and 1:30pm, with drivers averaging 10-20 miles over the speeding limit.

The report also includes 21 non hazardous offenses such as no driver's license and no insurance.


Killeen Police Department
Killeen Police Department



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