Last year, I lived near the Toy's R Us on Central Texas Expressway in Killeen and EVERY SINGLE FREAKING NIGHT you couldn't help but to hear hundreds, maybe thousands of birds on the telephone lines and on the wires in flocks gawking, chirping or whatever it is they do.

Made me wonder:

What's the deal with all the black birds??

So I did a little (and I mean just a little) research.

Turns out blackbirds truly believe in sticking together!

'The more, the better" is the perfect phrase to use here as the more birds around to protect each other from predators the better. As is the case when more black birds are around it helps direct the other birds to where the food is!

They all gotta eat son!

My advice tho, I would leave them alone ....

I was coming out of Walgreens yesterday and decided to quickly record the birds:



They were posse- ing up waiting to catch somebody slippin!!!


Here's another example on how they invade major cities without notice lol this happened about a month ago in Houston.....

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