A facebook friend of mine hit me in my inbox and asked if I could help her out.

She wrote:

On April 11th I was arrested because I missed payments on my probation because I quit my job to care for my mom who just had a stroke.

While I was in there I was trying to contact her (her child's grandmother) to speak to him she never answers.

And nobody knew where he was. So they said. About mid-June, I was told by my oldest son that he heard that his brother was given away. I tried to find out what was going on an where he might be and no one knew.

And then again she never answered. August the 12th I was released and I tried to contact her to get him. She told me not today. So, later on, that day of the 12th I tried to call and speak with him she told me that he no longer lives with her.

I said ok well can I have the number so I may contact him and so I could also get him. She said she had no idea where he was, that she just gave him to some random person.

I told her no, grandma "would not do that" and her answer was “um well I did”

She stated I have no idea where he is and I don’t speak to him.

The next day about the 13th or 14th I contacted KPD and they told me that all they were able to do was a wellness check but if he wasn’t there nothing could be done.

So I called an made a report with cps an I haven’t received any return calls from anyone about that.

So then on the 24th of August, I called the grandma back an asked if she could have him call me, blocked, and I promise not to ask where he is. Just to see an make sure he was ok. She again stated that she has no contact with him so no she couldn’t. And that's why I need to get a lawyer if I wanted to know where my child was or to speak with him.

She has set up a Go fund me page in hopes to secure funds to obtain a lawyer so she can see her son again.

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