Last night while stalking people's pages and lurking on Facebook, I couldn't help but keep scrolling past what looked like a live stream of something happening in space.

But the Cubs game was

And I still didn't find out what it was...

But I did find a story about space, involving someone right here in Killeen.

Want to hear it? Here it go:

Shane Kimbrough, a Killeen native will command Expedition 50.

What is Expedition 50 you ask?

Well to find that out we must find out what Expedition 49 is right?

Expedition 49 will land this weekend after ending a 115 day mission "up in space" lol that included experiments in physical science, biology, biotechnology, and Earth science that began in July.

Kimbrough, a retired Army colonel who trained in Russia, will take command during a ceremony Friday. Then on Saturday at 5:15pm, he and his crewmates Sergey Ryzhikov and Andrey Borisenko will operate Expedition 50 for three weeks until other crew members join them in November. 

Print Collector/Getty Images


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