Texas-born & undiscovered Yung Coby has been hustling heavy in the Independent Music Industry for years now, his work ethic is atrocious & it seems as if he is finally gaining the attention he deserves.

He has an unusual aura compared to other artists I have interviewed, this cat is grinding, If you follow him on social media you can definitely see it!

You can tell he means bidness!

He has performed at several showcases including one earlier this year that would have had him to perform at SXSW 2020, but due to COVID, it didn't happen.

Don't worry next year he'll be there!

I interviewed him the other day he told me how he got his start, his level of hustle what he did as soon as he was released from jail, how he is not to be boxed as a musician  and more:

He is one of the ones putting on for Killeen, pay attention!


Connect with him here:

Latest Musical Releases By Yung Coby.



Be on the lookout for the kid, Yung Coby!


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