One of my favorite things about the holiday season are the stories that are shared about the best part of mankind. Stories about people helping each other are in no short supply year-round if you look for them. But they really get noticed this time of year.

Like the case of local nurse Michelle RedElk who is headed to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix thanks to an amazing gift that came from someone she hardly knows. Michelle is about to undergo surgery for three aneurysms thanks to local businessman Jimmy Meeks who has advanced her a portion of the $20,000 dollars she needs for the surgery.

Michelle is a mother of 2 boys who are 11 and 5-years-old. She elected a surgeon who is outside her health insurance network at the Mayo Clinic and thus the hefty price tag which must be paid in advance. While Meeks hardly knows RedElk, he does know the effect of an untreated aneurysm. Meeks told KWTX, "My aunt had an aneurysm burst eight years ago. She survived but she lost a lot of motor skills (and) ended up in a wheelchair.” Meeks told RedElk he will accept brownies as a term on repayment and will give her until she is 90-years-old to make good.

Michelle is headed for Phoenix this weekend to undergo surgery and is looking forward to being able to spend Christmas with her children and not in a hospital. She said, "What a great Christmas this will be when I get this fixed and get to sit around the tree with my boys, it will be very special."

Meeks is the owner of Waco's Advanced Foundation Repair and when he learned of RedElk's situation he said he didn't care if he had to write a check for the whole entire amount, he wanted her on the flight to Phoenix this weekend.


The best part, Meeks says anyone who helps RedElk with a contribution he will match it no matter the amount.

Michelle is a nurse at Brazos Oral and Facial Surgery. If all goes well she will not have to remain in the hospital very long after the operation.


There are all kinds of ways we can all share in the holidays. Acts of kindness show us some of the best parts of mankind. It's a reason the holidays bring about the phrase, "Peace on Earth and goodwill towards men." And Nurses!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Our prayers go with Michelle and her boys and all of you this holiday season.



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