Last week got a chance to visit Hawaii for the first time and might I say I had a ball!!

Those of you reading this already know how beautiful it is but for those who haven't traveled there here is a small glimpse!

The trip started off funny for me as these guys stopped me in the Seattle Airport and asked was I Mike Tomlin, the Head Coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers lol...I think not!


Here is a little footage of me driving on the mountain in Kona. Kona is Hawaii's largest island but not the most populated.

I also visited a site where a volcano erupted years ago and where the Lava rock formed.

Of course.... I had a chance to look at a whole lotta ass!

Black Sand?!?!

This was pretty cool view driving on a mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean!

Beautiful view from a hotel!

Sunset was absolutely..... Breathtaking!


All in all, WE had a ball!!



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